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                        VideocraticMedia.com                                                           ICUJP.org                                                                                    IMAN.org                             .




Past Co-Sponsoring Organizations

All Paths Divinity School – www.allpathsdivinityschool.org.  All Paths Divinity School offers heart-centered Interfaith-Interspiritual programs granting Interfaith Ordination, Certifications, Masters of Interfaith Divinity and Theology degrees to those who have a calling to make a difference in the world through sacred service.

Baha’i Center of Los Angeles – www.labahais.org.  The Baha’i Faith is a world religion whose purpose is to unite all the races and peoples in one universal Cause and one common Faith.

Columbia Peace Project –  https://colombiapeace.org/ The Columbia Peace Project is committed to education and advocacy in support of nonviolent efforts for peace, human rights, and social justice in Columbia.

Councils of Interfaith & Indigenous Women-Youth (CIIWY) – Councils of Interfaith & Indigenous Women-Youth aims to unite and empower women and youth of all faiths and cultures to make a positive difference and impact in our communities and world.

Culver City Area Interfaith Alliance (CCAIA) – culvercityinterfaith.wix.com/ccaia.  CCAIA works actively reinforce the spiritual links between our diverse traditions and to foster new ones by recognizing our mutual concerns and celebrating our common values.

Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace (ICUJP) – www.icujp.org ICUJP are spiritual and secular leaders and activists committed to advance the causes of justice and peace honoring prophetic perspectives of nonviolence.

Jerusalem Prayer Project – www.jerusalemprayerproject.org.  Music, film, and multimedia venture empowering peace through prayer and the arts in the Holy Land and throughout the world based on principles of non-violence, sustainability, gender equity, and interfaith values.

Long Beach Theosophical Society – www.theosophical.org.The Long Beach Theosophical Society was founded in 1913 as a branch of the international organization, which was founded in India.  The Long Beach Society has presented thousands of lectures over the years on the Wisdom Tradition.

Morning Star Foundation – https://morningstar.foundation. Morning Star Foundation is committed to educating and creating public awareness for the protection of Native/Indigenous Nations, supporting especially the elderly and youth.

Move to Amend – www.movetoamend.org. Working toward ending corporate rule via a constitutional amendment.

Muslim Public Affairs Council – www.mpac.org.  The Muslim Public Affairs Council improves public understanding and policies that impact American Muslims by engaging our government, media, and communities.

Office of the Americas – www.officeoftheamericas.org.  The Office of the Americas is dedicated to creating an international peace system and abolishing the perpetual war system.

Psychosynthesis Center www.synthesiscenter.org. The Center’s work focuses on personal and spiritual recovery from trauma which includes childhood, adult, and war-related experiences.

Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics – www.raoulwallenberginstitute.org.  Committed to the promotion of a culture of peace and its foundational values of equality, justice, love, compassion, and mutual trust.  Current project: “Life Choices through Interactive Drama”.

So. Calif. Committee for a Parliament of the World’s Religions (SCCPWR) – www.sccpwr.org.  SCCPWR supports the mission of the global Parliament.  It is a dynamic interfaith organization that has produced many innovative programs bringing together diverse communities that have never interacted.

Stephen Fiske Music – www.stephenfiskemusic.com.  Music, film, and publishing for peace and sustainability offering multiple works by Stephen L. Fiske and co-production for the Jerusalem Prayer Project.

Synthaxis Theatre Company – www.maryanneetamann.com.  Ongoing readings of “ANZAC the Play”, co-sponsor of UNBUCKLED NoHo Poetry with Radman Productions.

Temple of Understanding – www.templeofunderstanding.org.  The Temple of Understanding, over fifty-five years, has been building a sustainable future through interfaith cooperation.

United Nations Association, Pacific L.A. Chapter – www.unapacifica-la.org.  Our chapter is dedicated to building an understanding of and support for the principles and vital work of the United Nations.

Universal Peoples Alliance – www.udcworld.org.   The UPA is a gathering of individuals, groups, and networks to pursue solutions for local-to-global challenges.  It shall employ a compassionate communication process to involve the greatest diversity of participation, support ethical and spiritual values, and seek consensus.

Vedanta International Cultural Center – www.vedanta.org. VICC is based on the three essential pillars of the Vedas – Unity of existence, the validity of all religions, and the essential divinity of all beings.

Words of Wisdom –  Interfaith Ascension Ministry.  Unfolding the Divine Forces of Love, Wisdom, and Power.  In service to planet earth and humanity.  Love and Light I AM.

World Brotherhood Union – www.dkb-mevlana.org.tr.  The organization aims are to invite Humanity under the Roof of a Brotherly World to provide the evolution towards Universal Consciousness studying Celestial Suggestions by the Knowledge Book to establish the Golden Age.

World Peace Prayer Society worldpeace.org.  “May Peace Prevail On Earth” is a Universal message, inclusive of people of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds.  It reminds us of humanity’s deep yearning for Peace, Love, and ultimate Oneness.  WPPS spreads the message through planting peace poles, flag ceremonies, and other activities.