Adrienne Prince

Adrienne serves as the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator on the Peace Sunday 2020 Committee. Adrienne Prince has a unique perspective on the more esoteric side of world change. Raised in Santa Fe, NM in a yoga/meditation family, she had early intuitive contacts with Angels and Ascended Masters, who taught her the vital role that Consciousness plays in creating world peace. She became an activist in 1983 while studying political science at the University of New Mexico. In 1990, she completed her BA in English and Theater at the University of Colorado in Boulder and began an internship with Teach for America, which fueled her future work in Education and Journalism. Realizing that a complete re-visioning of our current political and economic system is necessary to protect the planet, she became active with the California Green Party and ran for State Assembly in 2004. She learned social media and internet marketing by building the platform for her passion project, which empowers humanity’s quantum abilities, to co-create a positive future for Earth and all of life.
Team GAIA – the Power of SHIFT!
Working together, united in GAIA, Mother Nature’s living Earth, our Power of Positivity has the ability to Shift world events. Consciousness makes the difference! Learn how your own “Secret Superpowers” help-guide the world to prosperity and peace.