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Thank you for joining us in this PEACE RESOLUTION 4 SACRED EVOLUTION (PR4SE),
a grassroots movement of the Rainbow Alliances.

Sponsorship and Co-Sponsorship 


The Sponsorship and Co-Sponsorship payment levels and benefits for our Peace events are:
  • Co-Sponsor  $333 you will be listed on our Social Media Pages, and on our Website at   
  • Sponsor  $1,111  you will be listed on our Social Media Pages, and receive prominent placement on our websites with your logo at and  In your registration, please provide a two-line description of your organization, business, personal info, and/or anonymous. Also include your website address, logo (PNG format), and contact information.   
  • Global Peace Ambassador  $5,555 or more. Benefits are open for discussion with the Peace Sundays Executive Producer.


Donation Options:
  • Peace Offering  $33
  • Peace Maker     $111
  • Or enter any Other Amount” in the blank box below, and that will be your donation:

Love, Gratitude, and Blessings to All.

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Aloha Salam Paz Shalom Peace Qi Filemu Shanti Ukuthula Mir Ashtee