Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson is a Co-Producer for 1st Sundays of One Global Family’s Call To Action Broadcasts ~ “SACRED ACTIVISM: Peace Sundays RevoLution”. She is also an Advisory Board Member for One Global Family Foundation & Alliances.

                      Radio Personality, Producer, Emcee, Speaker, Mentor

Michelle has been facilitating gatherings for those seeking Spiritual Connection and Conscious Collaboration for over 10 years.

She creates unique experiences for people to connect with the dolphins and whales, facilitates group journeys to sacred places and mentors those on the awakening path to connect with their true eternal essence and grow their Soul.  She is an avid supporter of Indigenous communities and regularly supports events that lead people back to nature and peace with each other and Mother Earth. 

Michelle is a Host on Awakening Code Radio at KXFMRadio.org, Producer of the Star Ancestor Space at DisclosureFest.org and is a passionate emcee for conferences and festivals that focus on Unity and Love.  She has been a popular speaker, emcee, and guide at conferences such as 11:11 Star Knowledge Conference, Conscious Life Expo, Contact in the Desert, Portal to Ascension, Cosmic Awakening, Imagine Peace Conference, One Love Fest, Festival of Goddesses, Green Valentine and Sister Giant- Laguna Beach and has been featured in Lana Marconi, Ph.D.’s film, New Human, New Earth, New Humanity.


Contact Michelle at:  [email protected]

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